Right then, I better get started on this thing! I am a 2nd year Fine Art student and blogs are an integrated part of the course, I am yet to find out whether this will have a negative or positive impact on my work; I’m hoping for the latter, of course! Personally I see this as a perfect opportunity to network, get myself out of the four walls of my little 1 bed apartment and see myself on a platform with other artists and hopefully, hopefully(!) get some work, which is what all artists are struggling and wishing for, right!? Along with a few compulsory aspects of the course, I will be writing mini reviews on the visiting lecturers and artists we have at our art school as well as documenting my own portfolio, projects, and processes too.

Anyway, I’m Lucy and I like to think I can be seen as a contemporary fine artist. So, along with the first post on this blog, comes the first day of the rest of my life. I’ve come to a point where I must start seeing myself as a professional and having the confidence to call myself an artist. Repeat after me: I am an artist! And I am a professional. So here it is, the first post and hopefully the first stepping stone laid down on a long and winding path. Let’s get this thing on the road. Path? Ah, you know what I mean..

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